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                 Step One: Choose your type of router to set port forwarding(Click the Icon)
            Confirm that your port forwarding settings are working properly
             Step Two:
  • Navigate your web browser to the website.
  • Choose port forwarding tester.
  • Your IP will already be filled in.
  • Test and make sure the ports you forwarded are openi(80,5050,6050 and 7050 are the examples in the video).
             Step Three:
              Do you have a static IP address?
              If "YES" Then go to step three.
               If "NO" then download DDNS setup:         
              If you don`t know then download DDNS setup too:
       Step Four:
     Make sure you have competed DDNS setup
      Use your browser to view cameras with DVR IP address.
      Complete Setting 

If you can not complete External Network Setting, you can repeat setting again or contact us.

Mobile Phone View
 Choose your DVR model number(Click the model# you can get help file):       
 If you use SV612N or SV812N or SV412N, click here to download mobile phone view user guide  
 If you use SV813N or SV413N, click here to download mobile phone view user guide 
 If you use SV814P or SV614P, click here to download mobile phone view user guide  
          If you use SV829N, click here to download mobile phone view user guide


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