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1.    Camera FAQs
o    What is the widest viewing angle available on a camera?
A 3.6mm lens produces a wide 90 degree angle; however SV538ZE42 and SV536Z62 have a wider 2.8-12mm vari-focal lens. A 2.8m lens produces the widest possible viewing angle.
o    Why do the cameras display a black and white image at night? I thought all cameras were color cameras?
The camera works at night using Infrared (IR). Infrared will only show you a black and white image.
o    What type of damages will void my cameras' warranty?
Any permanent alterations will void the warranty on any product from our company, such as severing the cable that is attached to the camera. Opening the outer housing on a camera to re-focus or re-adjust the camera will not void the warranty.
o    Can I use the outdoor bullet cameras indoors?
Yes, a lot of people use the bullet style cameras inside and outside alike. Just make sure not to use indoor cameras in an outdoor setting.
o    Can I change the viewing angle of the dome cameras so that they can be wall mounted instead of ceiling mounted?
Yes, when you open the camera, you will see that the camera itself is on a bracket. If you need a different angle, change the location of the camera on this bracket. You may have to do some trial and error to get it just right. If you only adjust the angle, and not the front to back position, you may get a telescope looking view, or your IR (infrared) will bounce back into the lens off of the clear plastic.
o    What do 420, 480, 540, 600, and 700 TVL mean?
The TVL stands for Television Lines. A camera that has equal or less than 420TVL is considered standard definition. A camera that has more than 420 TVL is considered high definition.
o    Why do some cameras have more IR (Infrared) LEDs than others?
The more LED's on a camera, the further it can see at night. Cameras with 10-20 LED's can see 20 feet in complete darkness.
o    Will an indoor camera work outside if it is placed under an awning, or if it is protected from wind, rain, and snow?
If an indoor camera is placed outside in a place that is safe from rain, wind, or snow; it still has the possibility of becoming un-focused whenever there is a significant change in temperature. Our outdoor cameras are built to withstand harsh weather elements as well as significant changes in temperature.
o    What camera can you recommend for behind my company's cash register?
A vari-focal lens camera is ideal for cash register monitoring due to the control that the camera offers with the adjustable lens. You have the option to manually increase the lens size which will zoom in and narrow the peripheral view.
o    Is it possible to hide which direction my dome camera is facing so that my customers and employees are unaware of whether they are being filmed?
There is no way to actually mask the camera portion of the dome camera, the only way for you to hide the viewing direction would be to position your dome camera high enough for the camera portion to blend in with the camera's housing. We do offer spy cameras that appear to be smoke detectors, sprinklers, or motion detection sensors if you would like your customers and employees unaware that they are on camera.
o    Can you recommend a night vision camera that can capture a license plate number?
Due to the way that license plates are designed to greatly reflect light from vehicle headlights, an IR camera would be unable to capture a license plate in complete darkness. Unless there was some portion of light in the environment, the IR camera recording the license plate would only reflect back a solid white rectangle with no visible digits.
o    How far can the camera see?
This depends on the focal length of the camera. The larger the camera's lens is, the farther away it will view.
o    All of your cameras are manufactured by either Sony or Sharp, right?
All of our cameras are manufactured by onsalecctv, only the CCD image sensor inside of the camera is manufactured by either Sony or Sharp. The Starview Security INC. essentially designs and builds the cameras, and we insert either a Sony or Sharp CCD image sensor inside of the camera.
o    Which app do I use for my iPhone? Your website says to download APlayer, but I just can't get it to work.
Make sure WiFi is turned off on the phone while viewing your cameras. Also, the app MEyeProv2 is recommended for All 9000 series models. For Android platform phones, use kweye.

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2.    DVR FAQs
o    Is your security networking software compatible with Apple Computers?
Unfortunately our networking software requires ActiveX, which is unsupported by any MAC operating system. A Windows operating system is necessary to run the DVR networking software.In order to use our networking software on a MAC, you'll need to install dual boot software that allows you to install and run a Windows operating system from a MAC computer.
o    Can the DVR connect directly to a computer using a USB cable?
Unfortunately, the DVR will not be able to communicate with a computer if you connect the DVR directly to a computer using a USB cable.The only way to bring up your DVR interface on a computer would be to connect your DVR to a router and communicate with your computer by configuring the DVR's remote network access.
o    The manual shows a power button on the front, which is actually a USB port.  Where is the power button on 9104/9108?
This is a mistake in the manual.  Some models have a power switch on the back.  You can reset your DVR through the menu by going to Main Menu -> System -> Maintain -> Reboot.
o    How long can the DVR record?
The DVR record time is directly related to the size of the hard drive. A four channel DVR with a 500GB Hard Drive for record for approximately 16 days before it begins deleting the oldest footage. A 500GB Hard Drive is usually an acceptable pair with a four channel DVR, and a 1TB Hard Drive is usually an acceptable pair with either an eight channel or a sixteen channel DVR.
o    What accessories come included with the DVR?
The DVR comes with a power cable, a USB mouse, remote including batteries, a manual, and a software CD which includes the net viewer software and file conversion tools.
o    What operating system do the DVRs use?
All DVRs use a Linux kernel that is developed by our OEM manufacturer. This software is only developed from a Linux kernel, and does not use an actual Linux operating system.
o    Where can I get a firmware update for my DVR?
To get new firmware for your DVR, you need to contact tech support and they will give you the correct firmware.
o    What kind of monitor do I need to use to plug into my DVR?
Either a VGA video connection or a BNC video connection can plug into the DVR's video outputs. Most commonly, end users will plug a VGA computer monitor into the video output in the VGA port in the DVR.
There is also the option of plugging in a television monitor into the BNC video output, however most televisions do not have a BNC input. To use a TV that does not have a BNC video input, the end user needs to attach a BNC to RCA adapter to the BNC video output on the back of the DVR, then use an RCA cable to connect the DVR to the television monitor.
o    A problem has developed with the digital video recorder. There is a horizontal roll on all channels and cameras, also the entire screen is in black and white.
More than likely the DVR has been set in PAL mode, which is a video mode used in many parts of the world but not in North America. 
To revert back to NTSC video mode, simply go to the DVR's Main Menu, System, A/V Setup. From the A/V Setup screen, change the Video System to NTSC, and select Apply. The DVR will need to be restarted in order to apply this change.
o    Why is DVR not displaying date and time? Why is DVR not recording?
Test for hard drive failure:
1. Power off DVR
2. Remove screws on the sides and rear of unit
3. Locate the silver rectangular box (hard drive)
4. Remove the two cables connected to the unit hard drive
5. Power on DVR with the case off & observe the DVR for full boot operation ending with a displayed date and time on the unit. 
6. If the date and time now appears on the unit, power off the DVR then reconnect the two cables on the hard drive. Power on the dvr with casing off and wait for screen to display date and time. Next you will need to access the main menu>device>hdd> check the box next to the drive listed in line 1.
7. Then choose format hdd. After this you with be prompted with a Save finished or success screen. Click the 'ok' that appears. Then the hard drive should be functional and ready for use.

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